Who we are?


Enilia is the fruit of the imagination and know-how of owner Maëva Desrosiers. Its mission is to serve women in their active lifestyle. Enilia combines a timeless outlook with a simple, minimalist signature design.
Each model of fashion accessory, such as our handbag collections, has been designed by the owner to allow women to have a handbag that they can use throughout the day. Enilia's mission is to serve the woman in her active lifestyle, with a signature bag design, a trendy bag and a minimalist design, each handbag model has been designed to allow women to enhance their style. .
Our brand is known for its trendy and minimalist designs that are inspired by haute couture and pay close attention to the smallest details. We are building a fashion legacy dedicated to all fashionistas who care about nature as much as people. For this reason, we are committed to keeping all our material cruelty-free, and to helping people with our scholarships offered to students in financial difficulty, while betting on sustainable products.

100% Vegan Leather

We consider it our duty to not only design fashionable fashion products, but to do so in a way that does not harm animals. That's why we use high quality vegan leather to create our signature range of vegan bags. Enjoy a guilt-free purchase when you buy our high quality products.


We believe that every person deserves a quality education in the field they love. A survey conducted by experts and the University of Montreal has shown that the student population presents more psychological distress than the general population. About one in five students report depressive symptoms severe enough to require immediate therapeutic attention, while 3% report burnout and 7.8% have seriously considered suicide, which is relatively high compared to the 2-3% of the population of the same country age. Thus, each year of sales, 10% of our sales will go to a scholarship fund that will be offered to a foundation dedicated to education to help students in financial difficulty, to help them reduce their expenses and limit the stress caused by economic difficulties. Because we believe today's youth are tomorrow's adults.

Your favorite fashion accessory

From their sleek and timeless design to their sturdy construction, Enilia bags are not only built to last over time, but also to keep up with changing trends, ensuring your look stays fresh and relevant for seasons to come. We live by the motto: "Enilia, my fashion guide", which is why we are committed to creating accessories that stand the test of time. This is all done to protect our precious planet while ensuring you look fabulous in the process. Our sleek, minimalist designs have a place in your wardrobe. We design accessories that complement your looks and add that "trendy touch" to your outfit, whether you're leaving for a special occasion or just want to be fashionable. Our high quality items are guaranteed to add style all year round and earn their place as new favorites in your wardrobe.